A Drag Queen in Tokyo

Our result! All pics made by Remon van den Kommer

Where to buy wigs in Amsterdam

So i’ve talked about where you can have your wig done up the way you want it to be. (read the Lady Galore Loves: John Gravemaker wigs post) But a lot of people ask me where can i buy a base wig before I can have it done by John Gravemaker. So off course you can try ebay of some other online shop but you never know what you get and I personally did buy some BA ass wigs! SO If you are living in Holland and you want to have a cheap but fabulous LACE FRONT WIG this is probably you shop:

The store is located on the Albertcuypstraat and is called ”me gorgeous”. They have lot’s of choice and the prices are between 40 euro and 110. When you buy a wig don’t really look at the model of the hair. But look at the length, does it have bangs, the texture of the hair (the mostly have synthetic but also some real hair wigs) And the thickness of the wig and the colour of the lace (don’t buy a lacewig that has a black lace if you have a light skin) For drag don’t settle with an off the rack wig and putting it on your head without proper styling. If it is synthetic don’t use anything with intense heat. Also be careful with hair products! (for me normal hairspray does the trick to finish it off! But the actual styling/building of a wig I leave that part for John Gravemaker )

If you find it hard to pick out a wig. Contact John Gravemaker show him with a photo what kind of wig you would like to have. And then he can tell you what kind of wig to buy. He is on facebook or send him an email to john@hairandbeautybonneterie.com

I hope this answers most of your questions!!


Lady Galore

Rupaul Drag race nights @engel next door Recap

It has been such a crazy busy month!!! But not without succes! The first four editions of our rupaul drag race night were so hilarious! crazy busy and such a nice positive atmosphere!!! Totally the way the engel and I wanted it to be. Here is a little photoalbum! with some shots from the first 4 episodes/sundays!! I can’t wait for tomorrow!!!! in the Engel next door from 20.00 till 23.00!! Fierce!! My favorite girls from the show?! : Latrice motherfucking Royale, Kenya Michaels, Chad Michaels and Sharon Needles!!!

All pics made by : remon van den Kommer photography

Lady Galore Loves: Remon van den kommer Photography

Now I’ve worked with a few very nice photographers. But with one I have a very special bond. I met him when I was starting drag and he just started his photography education. We’ve done numerous shoots and we both grew in our professionalism since then.

In a few weeks I’m leaving for Tokyo with him to do some photo shoots there. And I wanted to write this blog about his work that you may or may not know. Because mostly you’ve seen the pictures that he did of me. But he has so many different talents.

Enjoy the show and make sure to visit hiswebsite or facebook page

website: http://www.remonvandenkommer.nl/

facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Remon-van-den-Kommer-Photography/293006414085000


Mister Peto Coast Pornstar extraordinaire part 1.

Lots of people ask me what’s my connection with pornstar Peto Coast.

Now let me tell you a story about a drag queen and her porn buddy. Once upon a time there was ME!! And I was hosting a party here called Bang Bang. Well with a name like that who better to invite to the party then THE pornstar who’s speciality is fucking very very HARD. Bang Bang BAM!!!

So Peto arrived at the party. And offcourse I was looking Gorgeous!! We hooked up and I was very impressed by his enormous ……… personality. He did me there and then in the toilet of the establishment. As you can see in the picture!!

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And that was enough for me to invite him to my birthday party. Where he showed me another one of his great talents. He made a movie for me and my girl Trees. That night he went home with me. And baby let me tell you!!!! His birthday gift was soooo fabulous that i kept him indoors for a few days!! 😀

Well this story has a few more parts and offcourse all with exclusive photo’s and video’s of Peto and me. So start following my blog bitches!! Peto has a blog too by the way!!