Positivity is key!

We Dutch people have a saying: Hoge bomen vangen veel wind (translation: High trees catch more wind) which basically means that if your in the picture and doing well for yourself people think the can say, gossip, write everything that they want about you because your suddenly a public figure. And people loooove to have an opinion about you. And that counts for a king or for the town baker, basically everyone who gets noticed. Mostly this comes from envy and jealousy and just pure ignorance or people want to get higher up in there own careers by trying to throw other people down.

When I started doing drag it was all Love and kisses. But when I started getting noticed. that soon changed and a few people started to resent it. Now after 3 years I’ve lost a few friends. Lots of people I liked hanging out with in bars, clubs etc. It seemed like every step I took/take towards success 1 or 2 ignorant people feel the need to do a 180 on me and go from friendly to attack mode. And I don’t get it because if I don’t like somebody or that persons behavior i won’t send a friend invite or stay friends on facebook. And when people can’t find the remove friend button. I am always more then happy to do it for them.

But the best part of it all is that other people notice that behavior and reach out to me saying that they can’t believe their behavior and that I should not let it affect me because there is a very big group of people who appreciate my work and the way I do it. And sometimes that support comes from people you don’t expect and that is a beautiful surprise! See I don’t believe in having to put other people down so I can get up the social ladder. As a matter a fact Being friendly and not getting into argue mode is why I’m having success. (next to a killer look of course and a very aggressive promotion method :D)

So the saying is true that true friends will be there at the end. And I’m making new friends as I go along. With a positive attitude and a decked out make-up kit I look forward to more success and I want to thank all my fabulous friends, business relationships and fans for there support and love throughout my journey in life!!


lady Galore

By Lady Galore

Public exposure (warning: Adult content)

A year or two ago a friend send me 4 pictures from an article about the public prostitution next to a ”fish”market in Barcelona. I just visited Barcelona but I totally missed the bridge where all of the ”action” was happening. The girls weren’t really my thing but yet it did intrigue me. Because in my mind i couldn’t imagine myself wanting to have sex with a prostitute in broad daylight visible for anyone that passes by. But then again who am I to judge because I guess lot’s of men can’t imagine wanting to dress up as a drag queen either.

A month or two ago that same friend send me 4 pictures of men exposing themselves in Dutch public transport and since that is slightly more private and maybe if you want some more excitement and your boyfriend is taking the photo then I can understand. But still its a weird concept for me. And since I already don’t want to touch things in the public transport this kinda made it worse. One of the photo was made in a subway I think on central station here in Amsterdam. I pass that platform weekly and it’s too funny to see what other people could be doing at that same time on that same platform. (I also had to delete that photo because the guy in the photo recognised himself πŸ˜€ And asked me to delete it and offcourse if it comes from the course … )Β  There was 1 photo of a bus driver wearing his company outfit while standing in his bus with his cock out. Now thats just plain stupid. or maybe he wanted to get fired but I decided not to add that photo to this blog.

Maybe I’m just being a prude. But next time i definitely look twice before I sit down somewhere.!!!

Drag Queen Inspriration

Most of my inspiration comes from my own imagination plus of course all the diva’s in the world, colors, shapes and people on the streets. But sometimes thats not always a wise thing to use as inspiration. What in the HELL are thee people thinking. There is a small group of girls in japan that like to make there skin really tanned and there hair really blond. To resemble the American girls. Ive added 1 photo of one of those girls! You figure out wich one! πŸ˜€


By Lady Galore

My Last sexy athletes post??!!

Ive now posted 4 or maybe 5 blogs about sexy athletes but Im out of photo’s if you happen to know sites, online galleries or your own personal sexy gym/sports photo’s please send to ladygalore@hotmail.com. But for now enjoy my last sexy athlete pictures



Lady Galore Loves: Remon van den kommer Photography

Now I’ve worked with a few very nice photographers. But with one I have a very special bond. I met him when I was starting drag and he just started his photography education. We’ve done numerous shoots and we both grew in our professionalism since then.

In a few weeks I’m leaving for Tokyo with him to do some photo shoots there. And I wanted to write this blog about his work that you may or may not know. Because mostly you’ve seen the pictures that he did of me. But he has so many different talents.

Enjoy the show and make sure to visit hiswebsite or facebook page

website: http://www.remonvandenkommer.nl/

facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Remon-van-den-Kommer-Photography/293006414085000


The Perfect Man

There is no such thing as the perfect man. They all fart, scratch there balls, smell in the morning and pick there noses! And that is just the beginning! Eventhough the boys in these photo’s have amazingly trained bodies. They are not perfect for everyone. There are bear lovers, chubs and chasers, fetishists etc etc etc Ive stopped looking for the perfect man a long time ago! My list of what my perfect boyfriend would intale wast longer that santa’s naughty list!

But I am still figuring out when I have a boyfriend wich parts are oke to ignore. Or do i have to say something about issues that bother me? For instance I read a lot of gay literature and ive come across situations like that both partners were in the bathroom. And 1 decided to take a dump while the other one was shaving or showering :-S Let’s just say I don’t thing I would be able to love that part ofΒ  my boyfriend πŸ˜€

So wich parts do I care more about when selecting a possible boyfriend: Looks?? Manners?? etiquette?? Brains?? Personality?? Creativity?? Cock?? Fetish?? compatibility?? Maybe I don’t have to rationalize these things and let LOVE take it’s natural course. It probably will hit me over the head. And suddely I’m loving a ball scratching, nosepicking, farting man and that would probably be THE ONE. (or at least one of them)

Let’s just hope I’ll never love the fact that he wants to shit in front of me!


Hope you had a Fabulous Valentine’s Day

Lady Galore Loves: John Gravemaker Wigs

You’ve probably heard of his name being wispered down drag lane. Or maybe in a video when we (house of Galore) Thanking our wig creater! Or maybe you’ve read one of my facebook statusses every time he made me a new wig.

But for all off you who missed all that and keep asking me: Where can I find a wig like that. How much does is cost to have a wig done the way I want it to be.

Here’s a little portrait of the hairguru that does the Hair for me, the House of Galore, Windy Mills, Dolly Bellefleur and lot’s more girls!

He has been a hairdresser for over 40 years. Started his own salon when I was 2 years old. (start guessing cause im not telling how old I am! πŸ˜€ ) He told me that back in the day when he was at hairdresser school, They still taught them how to use hairpieces, wigs and things of that nature. So no matter if its a synthetic, blend or 100 % natural wig. He knows how to work with his materials! His website says: The Hairdresser who listenes. And that is exactly what he does. I normally send his a few photo’s of wigs in the style that I want. Or even an exact photo of what I want. And before you know it he calls me and says: it’s done!

He is a very charming man. In the case that a wig didn’t really turns out the way you had it in your mind he is very open for that and don’t be afraid to ask if he could change 1 or 2 things about it.

He’s also very affordable so send him an e-mail if you need your wigs to look fabulous again!! πŸ˜€ And you don’t want to spend a fortune!!

John gravemaker:

email: john@hairandbeautybonneterie.nl

website: http://www.hairandbeautybonneterie.nl

Here are some photo’s of wigs that he made for me! Enjoy!

Lady Galore Loves Sebastian’s: Round Things

A while ago I was approached by a designer/model maker. He wanted to design and make some pieces of jewelry for me. His name is Sebastian Doermann and he is the founder, creative mind and hands of his company: Round Things.

After our first meeting I was immediatly exited. He showed me pieces from his men’s accesoiree line that were stunning. But above all he showed me passion for his work, skillfull hands and a great personality. O and did I forgot to mention that he is one hot piece of designer πŸ˜‰

It was easy to say that we hitted off straight away. I am very impressed by his craftmanship after seeying his portfolio. And surprised about the materials that he chooses to make these accesoiries out of. It’s called: Apoxie sculpt. (google it bitches, Im too stupid to give detailed info about these kind of things :-)))

So far he made a ring for me that i can also wear as my boy self! And an earring made from Urethan Resin (google …) And Swarovski stones. Right now he’s working on a shoulderpiece that is going to be off the chain y’all!!!

He knew exactly how to integrate my style into his design so that the earring would be perfect for my drag persona. His pieces are exclusive, personal and he affordable. they can be extravagant or subtle.

Check out and like his facebook page. He is very approachable if you have an idea about something that you want to have or that you want to create. Just send him a message.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RoundThingsToWear?sk=info

Some of the pieces from his collection and the Earring he designed and made for me:

pictures from me are made by Remon van den Kommer Photography!


Im so sorry that I haven’t posted anything for months! But Ive been crazy busy! so when you don’t hear from me its mostly because im drag-ging like a mad woman!

My friend and Photographer Remon van den Kommer has invited me to come with him to tokyo fashion week to do Photoshoots. Its very exiting and a chance I cannot ignore. Eventhough pictures of the city and its humoungous size really scare the crap out of me!

There is only 1 snake in the grass. I had to come up with the money for the plain ticket and the hotel! (800 Euro) So I decided to just ask one of my bookers to pay me in advance for a next couple of gigs! And he said yes. So im half way allready! And since Some great facebook friends wanted to donate money to send me to Japan I now have the task of posting my bank account number.

To thanks all of you wonderfull people I will give you all 2 printed photo’s of me by remon van den Kommer. That way I feel a little less guilty ;-))


Sander den Baas, 590103318 Amsterdam


Does anyone has some great gay tokyo clubbing tips?! πŸ˜€


Love Lady Galore


By Lady Galore

Rupaul drag race season 4


They finally released who the new contestants are going to be for season 4 of rupaul drag race!! I’ve been accurate with the last 3 seasons in my predictions of who is going to be in the top 3. Well at least about bebe and nina in season 1, Raven, Tyra and Jujubee in season 2, Raja and Alexis in season 3.Β  So for season 4 im putting my money on:

sharon needles (she’s so strange you allready know she is going to be a sensation,it was the same with Raja. She is also someone who is different and she demands attention by her great style.)

Madame Laqueer (eventhough she often overdoes her make-up by adding whay to many shit like stones and feathers etc etc. And overdoing by my standard so thats a very large amount of make-up hehehe)

The princess (but maybe im just fooled by the bald head and she is actually a regular pagaent queen who knows but I like the gurl!!)

Latrice Royale (that bitch cracks me up with her voice it is soooo deep)

Here are the girls in video:


And here are there names (ill add photo’s as soon as they are released)

Alisa Summers – Tampa, FL

Chad Michaels – San Diego, CA

Dida Ritz – Chicago, IL

Jiggly Caliente – Queens, NY

Kenya Michaels – Dorado, Puerto Rico

Lashauwn Beyond – Tampa, FL

Latrice Royale – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Madame LaQueer – Carolina, Puerto Rico

Milan – New York, NY

Phi Phi O’Hara – Chicago, IL

The Princess – Chicago, IL

Sharon Needles – Pittsburgh, PA

Willam – Los Angeles, CA