Green light for Tokyo / Send the BITCH to Tokyo tour

WHOEHOEEE! I just booked my flight to Tokyo. So that deserved a toast together with Remon! I want to thank a few people in particular. First I would like to thank the boys from BUMP for there very generous donation!! And of course my fabulous hairdresser John Gravemaker. My accesoirees designer: Sebastian Doermann from ”Round Things” for there contribution. And all the amazing people who donated so genourously!! But i’m still not there yet financially. If I would like to promote Galore in Tokyo it is going take some more collecting but since I prefer to work for my money Remon van den Kommer and I are organizing the ”Send the B.I.T.C.H. to Tokyo Tour” (like Latrice Royale said bitch stands for: Being In Total Control of Herself)

That means you can send me an invite to your bar/event between now and 5 weeks! And I will perform 1 or 2 songs in your bar or on your event and then people can donate in the ”send the bitch to Tokyo Jar”.

These are the songs you can pick:

– She works hard for the money – Donna Summer
– I have Nothing – Whitney Houston
– Goldmember – Beyonce (a favorite)
– 9 to 5 – Dolly Parton
– Money Money Money – Abba
– Money makes the world go round – Cabaret (I still havent got a duet partner for this one though)
– Upgrade you – Beyonce
– Hit em up style – Blu cantrell
– Shame – Jill Scott (my favorite)
– Whatever lola wants, Lola gets – Sarah Vaughan
– Material girl – Madonna
– Irreplaceble – Beyonce

I’m leaving for Tokyo 9th of April!! So the countdown has begun for me! 😀 Hope to see you somewhere in the city!!

By Lady Galore

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