Positivity is key!

We Dutch people have a saying: Hoge bomen vangen veel wind (translation: High trees catch more wind) which basically means that if your in the picture and doing well for yourself people think the can say, gossip, write everything that they want about you because your suddenly a public figure. And people loooove to have an opinion about you. And that counts for a king or for the town baker, basically everyone who gets noticed. Mostly this comes from envy and jealousy and just pure ignorance or people want to get higher up in there own careers by trying to throw other people down.

When I started doing drag it was all Love and kisses. But when I started getting noticed. that soon changed and a few people started to resent it. Now after 3 years I’ve lost a few friends. Lots of people I liked hanging out with in bars, clubs etc. It seemed like every step I took/take towards success 1 or 2 ignorant people feel the need to do a 180 on me and go from friendly to attack mode. And I don’t get it because if I don’t like somebody or that persons behavior i won’t send a friend invite or stay friends on facebook. And when people can’t find the remove friend button. I am always more then happy to do it for them.

But the best part of it all is that other people notice that behavior and reach out to me saying that they can’t believe their behavior and that I should not let it affect me because there is a very big group of people who appreciate my work and the way I do it. And sometimes that support comes from people you don’t expect and that is a beautiful surprise! See I don’t believe in having to put other people down so I can get up the social ladder. As a matter a fact Being friendly and not getting into argue mode is why I’m having success. (next to a killer look of course and a very aggressive promotion method :D)

So the saying is true that true friends will be there at the end. And I’m making new friends as I go along. With a positive attitude and a decked out make-up kit I look forward to more success and I want to thank all my fabulous friends, business relationships and fans for there support and love throughout my journey in life!!


lady Galore

By Lady Galore

8 comments on “Positivity is key!

  1. Heel herkenbaar pop. Gelukkig woon ik ver weg van degene die een mening over me hebt. Er zal zeker veel over me geroddeld worden, maar ik woon ver weg van dat alles. Kan me dus lekker terugtrekken in mijn paleisje. Dus dan doet het ook minder zeer. šŸ˜‰
    Anyhow, ‘k ben trots op je. En je bent tenminste nog de moeite waard om over te praten. XXX

  2. meid zo is het maar net , het is jammer maar het gebeurd nu eenmaal, deze figuren zullen er altijd blijven zijn, ik sluit me aan bij Rose, er word iig nog over je gepraat , heerlijk toch?! allemaal jaloezie lekker boven staan, en dat kan jij, zie je volgende week heb er zin in x

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