Public exposure (warning: Adult content)

A year or two ago a friend send me 4 pictures from an article about the public prostitution next to a ”fish”market in Barcelona. I just visited Barcelona but I totally missed the bridge where all of the ”action” was happening. The girls weren’t really my thing but yet it did intrigue me. Because in my mind i couldn’t imagine myself wanting to have sex with a prostitute in broad daylight visible for anyone that passes by. But then again who am I to judge because I guess lot’s of men can’t imagine wanting to dress up as a drag queen either.

A month or two ago that same friend send me 4 pictures of men exposing themselves in Dutch public transport and since that is slightly more private and maybe if you want some more excitement and your boyfriend is taking the photo then I can understand. But still its a weird concept for me. And since I already don’t want to touch things in the public transport this kinda made it worse. One of the photo was made in a subway I think on central station here in Amsterdam. I pass that platform weekly and it’s too funny to see what other people could be doing at that same time on that same platform. (I also had to delete that photo because the guy in the photo recognised himself 😀 And asked me to delete it and offcourse if it comes from the course … )  There was 1 photo of a bus driver wearing his company outfit while standing in his bus with his cock out. Now thats just plain stupid. or maybe he wanted to get fired but I decided not to add that photo to this blog.

Maybe I’m just being a prude. But next time i definitely look twice before I sit down somewhere.!!!

2 comments on “Public exposure (warning: Adult content)

  1. I never understand all these young straight kids going to prostitutes. If they were gay, they would never have to pay.
    I see it all the time around the corner at the mini-red light district between the Dominicus Church and Singel where nearly no tourists come but rather serious johns looking to pay for sex.
    Me and my friend Michiel almost picked up one cute young guy who turned out to be a yoga teacher who could only have enjoyable sex if he paid for it.
    And years ago I was cruised by a guy looking at the girls in the windows who I approached with my usual shy self: “not everyone in this neighborhood asks for money”. You can fill in the rest. I did 😉

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