The Perfect Man

There is no such thing as the perfect man. They all fart, scratch there balls, smell in the morning and pick there noses! And that is just the beginning! Eventhough the boys in these photo’s have amazingly trained bodies. They are not perfect for everyone. There are bear lovers, chubs and chasers, fetishists etc etc etc Ive stopped looking for the perfect man a long time ago! My list of what my perfect boyfriend would intale wast longer that santa’s naughty list!

But I am still figuring out when I have a boyfriend wich parts are oke to ignore. Or do i have to say something about issues that bother me? For instance I read a lot of gay literature and ive come across situations like that both partners were in the bathroom. And 1 decided to take a dump while the other one was shaving or showering :-S Let’s just say I don’t thing I would be able to love that part ofย  my boyfriend ๐Ÿ˜€

So wich parts do I care more about when selecting a possible boyfriend: Looks?? Manners?? etiquette?? Brains?? Personality?? Creativity?? Cock?? Fetish?? compatibility?? Maybe I don’t have to rationalize these things and let LOVE take it’s natural course. It probably will hit me over the head. And suddely I’m loving a ball scratching, nosepicking, farting man and that would probably be THE ONE. (or at least one of them)

Let’s just hope I’ll never love the fact that he wants to shit in front of me!


Hope you had a Fabulous Valentine’s Day

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