Lady Galore Loves: John Gravemaker Wigs

You’ve probably heard of his name being wispered down drag lane. Or maybe in a video when we (house of Galore) Thanking our wig creater! Or maybe you’ve read one of my facebook statusses every time he made me a new wig.

But for all off you who missed all that and keep asking me: Where can I find a wig like that. How much does is cost to have a wig done the way I want it to be.

Here’s a little portrait of the hairguru that does the Hair for me, the House of Galore, Windy Mills, Dolly Bellefleur and lot’s more girls!

He has been a hairdresser for over 40 years. Started his own salon when I was 2 years old. (start guessing cause im not telling how old I am! 😀 ) He told me that back in the day when he was at hairdresser school, They still taught them how to use hairpieces, wigs and things of that nature. So no matter if its a synthetic, blend or 100 % natural wig. He knows how to work with his materials! His website says: The Hairdresser who listenes. And that is exactly what he does. I normally send his a few photo’s of wigs in the style that I want. Or even an exact photo of what I want. And before you know it he calls me and says: it’s done!

He is a very charming man. In the case that a wig didn’t really turns out the way you had it in your mind he is very open for that and don’t be afraid to ask if he could change 1 or 2 things about it.

He’s also very affordable so send him an e-mail if you need your wigs to look fabulous again!! 😀 And you don’t want to spend a fortune!!

John gravemaker:



Here are some photo’s of wigs that he made for me! Enjoy!

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