Lady Galore Loves Sebastian’s: Round Things

A while ago I was approached by a designer/model maker. He wanted to design and make some pieces of jewelry for me. His name is Sebastian Doermann and he is the founder, creative mind and hands of his company: Round Things.

After our first meeting I was immediatly exited. He showed me pieces from his men’s accesoiree line that were stunning. But above all he showed me passion for his work, skillfull hands and a great personality. O and did I forgot to mention that he is one hot piece of designer 😉

It was easy to say that we hitted off straight away. I am very impressed by his craftmanship after seeying his portfolio. And surprised about the materials that he chooses to make these accesoiries out of. It’s called: Apoxie sculpt. (google it bitches, Im too stupid to give detailed info about these kind of things :-)))

So far he made a ring for me that i can also wear as my boy self! And an earring made from Urethan Resin (google …) And Swarovski stones. Right now he’s working on a shoulderpiece that is going to be off the chain y’all!!!

He knew exactly how to integrate my style into his design so that the earring would be perfect for my drag persona. His pieces are exclusive, personal and he affordable. they can be extravagant or subtle.

Check out and like his facebook page. He is very approachable if you have an idea about something that you want to have or that you want to create. Just send him a message.


Some of the pieces from his collection and the Earring he designed and made for me:

pictures from me are made by Remon van den Kommer Photography!

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