Im so sorry that I haven’t posted anything for months! But Ive been crazy busy! so when you don’t hear from me its mostly because im drag-ging like a mad woman!

My friend and Photographer Remon van den Kommer has invited me to come with him to tokyo fashion week to do Photoshoots. Its very exiting and a chance I cannot ignore. Eventhough pictures of the city and its humoungous size really scare the crap out of me!

There is only 1 snake in the grass. I had to come up with the money for the plain ticket and the hotel! (800 Euro) So I decided to just ask one of my bookers to pay me in advance for a next couple of gigs! And he said yes. So im half way allready! And since Some great facebook friends wanted to donate money to send me to Japan I now have the task of posting my bank account number.

To thanks all of you wonderfull people I will give you all 2 printed photo’s of me by remon van den Kommer. That way I feel a little less guilty ;-))


Sander den Baas, 590103318 Amsterdam


Does anyone has some great gay tokyo clubbing tips?! 😀


Love Lady Galore


By Lady Galore

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