Rupaul drag race season 4


They finally released who the new contestants are going to be for season 4 of rupaul drag race!! I’ve been accurate with the last 3 seasons in my predictions of who is going to be in the top 3. Well at least about bebe and nina in season 1, Raven, Tyra and Jujubee in season 2, Raja and Alexis in season 3.  So for season 4 im putting my money on:

sharon needles (she’s so strange you allready know she is going to be a sensation,it was the same with Raja. She is also someone who is different and she demands attention by her great style.)

Madame Laqueer (eventhough she often overdoes her make-up by adding whay to many shit like stones and feathers etc etc. And overdoing by my standard so thats a very large amount of make-up hehehe)

The princess (but maybe im just fooled by the bald head and she is actually a regular pagaent queen who knows but I like the gurl!!)

Latrice Royale (that bitch cracks me up with her voice it is soooo deep)

Here are the girls in video:

And here are there names (ill add photo’s as soon as they are released)

Alisa Summers – Tampa, FL

Chad Michaels – San Diego, CA

Dida Ritz – Chicago, IL

Jiggly Caliente – Queens, NY

Kenya Michaels – Dorado, Puerto Rico

Lashauwn Beyond – Tampa, FL

Latrice Royale – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Madame LaQueer – Carolina, Puerto Rico

Milan – New York, NY

Phi Phi O’Hara – Chicago, IL

The Princess – Chicago, IL

Sharon Needles – Pittsburgh, PA

Willam – Los Angeles, CA

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