Yes I would f*ck Beyonce

If there is one woman I had to pick wich who I would not mind having sex with (after a lot of alcohol) It would be beyonce of jill scott. But then they would have to give a live concert in my bedroom first! And have here wardrobe altered so it would fit me! 😀 Bitch get out of that dress!!

No but seriously! I think she is sooo talented and oke im a fan! (not a ”im going to cry and hyperventilate when i see her fan”) But she is definatly someone i admire for reinventing herself, having a beautifull voice, sings live always! Even during her more than 2 hour concerts where she dances like crazy en keep well me entertained continously.She is a businesswoman. but I truly believe in her genuisly sweet character. Eventhough she gets a lot of critisism about that because people can’t believe that that fierce diva on stage can be kind off stage.
I do not like all off her music video’s though. the video’s for countdown and love on top (her last 2) nearly bored me to death. But maybe its the pregnancy thing that is making her do these bluhhhhh video’s!

By Lady Galore

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