I like other stuff too you know (not just men and drag! :D)

Not a lot of people know this. But I’m actually crazy about animals (In the good way) I love to spot birds and fish and all kinds of animals. If I had to choose between a long walk in the woods on a bright day or a club night at a glamourous party. I would choose the walk definatly! (Thank god we can do both, Because making a walk in a forest every day will also become boring)

My grandfather always took me for a bike-ride. I would sit in the kids-chair that was attached to the steer. And he would explain to me what all the birds were doing and what kind there were. And on the beaches and at the base of the dykes (hihi) We would look for crabs (hihi again) and clams (oke this is too much of a coinsidence… LMFAO) and all kinds of creatures. Anyway while i’m reminiscing, why don’t you have a look at these fabulous and sometimes funny animal pictures!

Love, Lady Galore


By Lady Galore

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