Sports ……………maybe not for me

I was talking to a friend of mine about his life and how much he goes te the gym. And I was thinking back on those horrible times I had at the gym. Sweating and hurting myself with all those perfectly shaped bodies around me trying to get even more perfect. While I could be hanging in the park sipping some champagne. At least the sauna’s were nice after the whole traumatising experience called ”working out” But at the end that was all that I was going for … the guys in the sauna.

My friend said why don’t you do a contactsport because I think you have a lot of build up aggression……Β  So after I hit the Bitch in the face and set him straight, I started imagining how it would be if Lady Galore would step into a boxing arena……. LMFAO

Now I’m thinking about wrestling, The pictures look like my kind of sport!!!

4 comments on “Sports ……………maybe not for me

  1. Zo herkenbaar dat afzien tijdens het fitness. Na een half jaar afzien was het genoeg. De droom van een gespierd lichaam heb ik voorgoed laten varen. Ik ben er niet minder gelukkig door geworden.

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