Drag Queens United

A While ago I had the idea of doing a photoshoot with a big group of drag queens. To show the gay scene that eventhough we sometimes are harsh and our humor isn’t always politically correct. That behind all the drama we actually need each other and should be nicer to each other in order to stand proud in a society that is getting less and less gay (read LGBT) friendly. Or as often said: As long as you don’t act or look the part, it doesn’t matter.

Well we want to show that we are fierce and strong people who have been fighting for gay rights! And getting attention for the cause for a long long time. Ive added a little video by miss Varla Jean merman to show you how gay-rights started in America. So my little gay friends who only hang out with ”straight” acting (rediculous idea why would you ever want to act to be something that your not)  Butch men or Lipstick-lesbians. Next time you see a queen or a butch girl! Give her a smile!!!

The group that I’ve invited so far for the photoshoot are girls who I consider to be my friends, Or girls that I admire for several reasons. The photographers name is Remon van den Kommer. I’ve done several shoots with him and I always love the result!! Here are the girls:

4 comments on “Drag Queens United

  1. Hello Diva,

    I like most of all you say here…it is difficult to stand up “behind closed doors/dressing rooms/at the makeup counter” and extend the hand of friendship if all the drama is encouraged to continue though…a picture speaks volumes, but more importantly we have to create a healthy envorinment for that picture to be a true image of who we are as a community.

    TSK TSK on the “lipstick-lesbian” and “straight-acting” comment though…that in itself could cause some of us to look down on these individuals…where do I fit in? I am attracted to both!

    How about let’s just give more love to everyone instead of taking some away from a few…?

    All in Love for your efforts…GENUINE UNITY is STRENGTH…loved the video!
    Venus Eruptus

    • Heey Girl! Thanks I totally agree ! About the comment: Its I guess how you read it. The straight acting comment is about the
      word ”straight acting” (acting differently than who you are) basicly what im saying is be real. And stay true to yourself.
      And the comment where I mention the lipstick lesbians is about the people who ONLY want to hang out with lipstick
      lesbians or butch men. Its totally not about judging stereotyp’s. I love all forms and flavours mama!!! You know that! I guess its also
      how people want to read it! If they want to critisize me or my words there is always something to be found!! Love, Lady Galore

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