Mister Peto Coast Pornstar extraordinaire part 1.

Lots of people ask me what’s my connection with pornstar Peto Coast.

Now let me tell you a story about a drag queen and her porn buddy. Once upon a time there was ME!! And I was hosting a party here called Bang Bang. Well with a name like that who better to invite to the party then THE pornstar who’s speciality is fucking very very HARD. Bang Bang BAM!!!

So Peto arrived at the party. And offcourse I was looking Gorgeous!! We hooked up and I was very impressed by his enormous ……… personality. He did me there and then in the toilet of the establishment. As you can see in the picture!!

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And that was enough for me to invite him to my birthday party. Where he showed me another one of his great talents. He made a movie for me and my girl Trees. That night he went home with me. And baby let me tell you!!!! His birthday gift was soooo fabulous that i kept him indoors for a few days!! 😀

Well this story has a few more parts and offcourse all with exclusive photo’s and video’s of Peto and me. So start following my blog bitches!! Peto has a blog too by the way!!

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